Roses are red, violets are blue. We are so happy and so proud of you!

Congratulations to Tatiana on accomplishing her goal and graduating from San Jose State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology!

Before she celebrated with her loved ones, we made sure to capture, process, and deliver her graduation photos so that she could share these moments with her guests when they celebrate her accomplishments!

This was our first photo shoot at the Rose Garden in San Jose, CA and we loved every single minute of it! Our subject, Tatiana, and the scenery were absolutely outstanding to work with. Even though at times her face muscles began to tire from smiling so much, she still kept shining with her warm, welcoming smile that our cameras adored!

We arrived at the Rose Garden at 6pm, which was a gorgeous time to shoot since the sunset was just beginning to set and it was perfectly golden. There were several locations throughout the Rose Garden that we enjoyed capturing her graduation portraits in, such as, the beautiful row of red roses, bench area, perfect arch of pink flowers, a brick wall, and a large waterfall.

We placed Tatiana in between two rows of gorgeous red roses as she posed with her cap, gown, diploma, 2017 SJSU sashes, and Mexican themed blanket. We noticed the bench area and thought it would be awesome for her to pose there since the nearby trees and flowers looked nice in the background, however, there was graffiti written on the back of the bench. Fortunately, Tatiana brought her neat blanket and we used it to block out the graffiti and as a prop in these photographs. It was great to use this blanket as a prop along with her sashes on the sides of the bench and her graduation cap!

We relocated to the arch with the pink roses around 7pm and the lighting was simply magical! We captured Tatiana in the middle of the arch with the golden sunset directly behind her. This gave our images a warm glow, which also brought out the sweet colors out in the flowers.

Toward the end the graduation photo session, we photographed Tatiana as she walked down the walkway in front of the beautiful waterfall right in the middle of the Rose Garden and in between the rows of roses. She looked at our cameras proudly and happily as she held her diploma up high and threw her graduation cap up in the air in relief that her amazing goals have been accomplished!

Thank you so much for having us take your graduation photographs, Tatiana! We had a blast spending the afternoon with you and we were lucky to have the opportunity to create something special for you on such an exciting occasion! Congratulations, again!


Client: Tatiana Pizarro

Location: Municipal Rose Garden 

Delivered: Processed photos