Not sure which university to further your educational needs? California State East Bay might be the place for you!

We enjoyed spending the day learning and filming California State University East Bay (CSUEB) in Concord, CA. This perfectly small campus is in the middle of the gorgeous Concord hills where the scenery is truly breathtaking. This film will highlight and showcase exactly what it’s like to be  part of the CSUEB student body in Concord and their journey through the nursing program.

The focus of this film is centered around the University’s Nursing Program, however, they do offer other degrees in the undergraduate program, such as Business Administration, Liberal Studies, and Psychology.

There are several pros to enrolling as a nursing student at California State East Bay Concord Campus. They are a small, tight-knit group of students who work closely with one another, receive close attention from their professors, practice real life hands-on learning, and receive all the support and advice they need in order to be successful nurses.

As we spent the day on this campus, with the students and staff, we really enjoyed observing the great environment and community. We observed:

  1. Students enjoying working with each other
  2. Faculty working closely with their students and guiding them to success
  3. Determined students who work hard in a hands-on learning setting using:
    • Electronic health records
    • Vital sign machines
    • IV pumps
    • Simulation mannequins

If you’re looking to further your education at California State East Bay in Concord, CA, find and click on the link below and enroll today!

Thank you, CSUEB, for choosing us as your videographers to film your amazing campus, students, and faculty.


Client:  California State East Bay

Location: California State East Bay  | Concord, CA