Graduation celebration time!

Graduation day is about reminiscing on every single year you’ve been in school since you were 5 years old, thinking about your most favorite elementary school teachers or college professors that helped you get to where you are, and letting out a huge sigh of relief because you are amazing and accomplished your goal. Andrea graduated from San Jose State University in May 2018 and we couldn’t wait to celebrate all of her accomplishments.

In preparation for her graduation photo shoot, we purchased two bottles of champagne, removed the labels, and spray painted them gold for when Andrea popped the bottles right open for our cameras as shown in the film above! We also brought our confetti popper for her to use during a quick slow-motion clip in our mini film.

Andrea graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Development and is more than ready to apply her knowledge out there in the workforce.

During this photo shoot at SJSU, we captured her in several locations around the campus. She was accompanied by her supportive and loving mother and sister, who are extremely proud of her.

Andrea is the type of person that people want to cling on to and make her a forever friend. She is welcoming, intelligent, funny, and caring. I am forever grateful that we sat next to each other in our science class freshman year in high school and I found a forever friend in Andrea.

Congratulations, Andrea! Thank you so much for having us capture these proud moments for you. We will always be thankful for you, proud of you, and supportive of everything you set your mind to.


Client: Andrea Solorio

Location: San Jose State University 

Delivered: Processed photos