Congratulations to such a beautiful, sweet, and intelligent high school graduate!

Natalie graduated high school from Downtown College Prep in 2020. She worked very hard and earned honor roll. It was quite the year to be a high school graduate due to COVID-19 conditions. Important events such as prom, sports games, celebrations and much more had all been cancelled. Nonetheless, Natalie persisted in her work and was determined to finish her high school career.

This graduation photo session took place at the stunning Stanford University campus. One of the most gorgeous spots to use as a backdrop is the Arizona Cactus Garden. We placed our wonderful subject, Natalie, in between beautiful cacti and succulents. Many of the plants consisted of columnar cacti, Italian cypress, century plant, Peruvian apple, ponytail palm, Mojave yucca, prickly pear, golden barrel, cholla, Schott’s Yucca, flat-flowered aloe, aeonium, soap aloe, and torch aloe. Being in the middle of this garden makes you feel as if you are really in the middle of Arizona. It is a remarkable location.

Next, we travelled to the Oval where we were able to take more images in front of the Stanford buildings. The arches and sculptures were incredible and irresistible. Natalie shined brightly and she always will!

Natalie sets off for her next journey at Chico State University. No matter what Natalie’s journey and goals entail, she will continue to be persistent and make such a positive mark on the world. We wish the very best for Natalie and we are here cheering her on!

This was our first photo session since the COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions. We have been distancing in order to be sure to keep our loved ones safe. As shelter-in-place restrictions begin to get lifted, we will continue to work with our clients to make sure that their safety is a priority. If desired, we will wear masks and have our cleaning products ready to go.

We’re just so happy to be back out and doing what we love most. Photographing this graduation session has been a pure joy for us.


Client: Natalie

Location: Stanford University

Location: Arizona Cactus Garden

High School: Downtown College Prep

Delivered: Processed photos, personalized USB stick