Daughter surprises her parents with an anniversary dinner during COVID-19 quarantine!

This beautiful couple celebrates their 34th anniversary in a unique and special way. They never thought they would have to spend it inside during the shelter-in-place, coronavirus pandemic, but that is just what happened this year. On April 4, 2020, Maria and Dave Volz celebrate their anniversary in the comfort of their own home. Their daughter and her fiancé set up decorations and a dinner table for two right in their living room.

The Volz family spent the past three weeks indoors due to COVID-19. Maria and Dave’s daughter knew that it would be important for her parents to have events to look forward to while in quarantine. So, she and her fiancé ordered and baked Papa Murphy’s pizza, set several candles, and prepped a s’mores dessert for the anniversary couple. 

It can be easy to feel trapped and depressed when you are isolated from reality, but love never fails. Love hasn’t failed Maria and Dave for 34 years and it won’t fail them during the coronavirus disease either.

Maria and Dave met in 1982 at their workplace at the time called Handyman. Since then, the two high school sweethearts have been inseparable. They have the type of bond that can never be broken.

During their anniversary date, the two were pampered and catered to as if they were in a real restaurant. Maria and Dave’s daughter created an invitation and menu for them to check off the dinner items they were interested in having for their anniversary. The two selected olives and cheese for appetizers, pizza for their main dish, and chocolate for dessert. They shared delicious food and sweet wine together.

Although they weren’t able to go out to dinner, the two enjoy a memorable meal together right in their own home. Maria shared, “This anniversary will always have a special place in my heart. It was so beautiful and a memory that I will never forget. I shed tears when I received a surprise FaceTime phone call from a good friend of mine and when I slow danced with Dave. We slow danced to our first dance song.” Their first dance song was called, “Crazy,” by Kenny Rogers.

Happy Anniversary, Maria and Dave! We hope for many, many more special anniversaries to come, too. Cheers to you both!


Client: Maria & Dave Volz

Location: San Jose, CA

Music: “Cherry Street,” by The Icarus Account

Caterer: Papa Murphy’s