When it rains in the midst of a photo session, look for rainbows!

Jennifer McGrath, her three beautiful daughters, and their brand new puppy joined us on an adventure to Guadalupe Oak Grove Park Trail in San Jose, CA on Sunday, November 8, 2020. 

The morning before the session began, it was incredibly windy, however, we all decided we would make the absolute best of whatever the day was. When we arrived at the trail in the afternoon, there was a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Family Photography at Guadalupe Oak Grove Trail in San Jose, California.

A few minutes into the session, it began to rain! The gorgeous curls in their hair began to catch droplets of moisture. Instead of panicking, we all made the best of the situation and posed in front of a beautiful rainbow. Their love and laughter with each other was everything our cameras adored capturing.

We will cherish the time we spent with this delightful family. We are still smiling about the session we had with them because of the beautiful, genuine experience we had together.


Client: Jennifer McGrath

Location: Guadalupe Oak Grove Park Trail

Delivered: Processed photos