Teresa Guidace is unstoppable!

Teresa Guidace, also known as Nonna, travelled to America from Italy in 1962. Her brave husband, also known as Nonno, wanted them both to have the best life they could have. Nonna travelled by boat for two weeks while pregnant with her first child. Although it was a nerve-racking journey, Nonna does absolutely anything and everything for her family. When she arrived in America, she lived in New York for a few years. After having her four children, she and Nonno realized that California was the place they needed to call home. One of Nonna’s favorite places to be, besides being with her family, is her garden. Nonna and Nonno began to garden at the Wallenberg Community Garden in San Jose, CA.

Nonna and Nonno worked on their garden together at the Wallenberg Community Garden for about 12 years. Nonna has continued to hold onto their dear garden for another 18 years and she plans to continue to garden for many more.

Nonna loves the garden so much because it is filled with special memories she has had with her husband. Nonna says, “Although gardening is a lot of work, there’s too many memories to ever give it up. Now, my son Frank Guidace helps me maintain my garden and someday it will belong to him.” Nonna’s family enjoys helping her with her garden because they will do anything for her and we love her famous cooking!

Nonna shares her favorite part about gardening, “My favorite memory is being able to design my garden the way I want it to look. I learned how to work hard from my mother and I wanted to work hard just like her.”

Nonna continues, “I feel better when I am at my garden. I feel at my best. I never think about my pain when I am there. I pass the time and I get things out of my mind when I am there.”

Nonna is an admirable, caring person. Many look up to her and aspire to be just like her. I know I do. She works hard even when she is exhausted or in pain, she never stops caring and being nice, and she has such a silly personality.


Client: Teresa Guidace & Frank Guidace

Location: Wallenberg Community Garden San Jose, CA