How to find a wedding videographer

Planning for a wedding can be time consuming, confusing, and difficult. It might feel this way because it may be the first time you have ever gone through this process. When this occurs, relying on loved ones from past generations for their expertise and knowledge may take place. However, times change drastically, which means they may not know how to search for the accurate style or look you are going for.

Trying to find a wedding cinematographer alone may be overwhelming. You may not even know the right features in a package to look for, finding the right price range within your budget, or know the right questions to ask when you do find a videographer.

This news article will help you if you are looking to book a wedding videographer!

wedding videographer finding wedding vendors in bay area California

Step 1: Explore Different Styles

Begin your wedding videographer search by exploring and browsing through wedding videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Depending on your favored style, search for, “Rustic wedding video, dramatic wedding video, bohemian wedding video, beach wedding video, forest wedding video,” or whatever your desired overall look of your wedding may be and click on several different films. Enjoy getting lost in searching through samples and suggested films as you click away on YouTube or Vimeo. Tell yourself you do not need to pick the right videographer at this time. This is just for you to learn more about yourself and the style you appreciate the most. There is no pressure here at all. Grab a box of tissues in case you share a few happy tears and some munchies for the films.

How to find the right wedding videographer

Step 2: Explore Different Styles with Notes

Continue searching for films that you enjoy on YouTube and Vimeo, however, this time, begin noting all of the features you love most. Do you enjoy listening to vows throughout the film? Do you enjoy multiple angles? Do you like the upbeat tempo of the film? Every piece of the film you choose to watch, write about what you like about it. Then, rewatch the film and begin to note the parts of the film that you wish were different, too. Maybe you were hoping for a dramatic, elegant feel to the film instead or a film without any audio at all. Maybe you prefer a cinematic feel in your film. Sometimes noting the things you don’t like will help narrow down your choices to finding the perfect choice. This step is still all about finding more about yourself and what makes you the happiest. The sky is still the limit here and the choices are endless.

How to find Wedding videographer

Step 3: Where to Contact

There are several different sites you can search for wedding videographers in your area. Some of which are, The Knot, WeddingWire, Thumbtack, Yelp, and Google My Business. Begin by selecting the site you feel most comfortable with. Then, select the videographer vendor type and locate the area of which your venue is located. Begin searching through the videographers near your venue and compare. You do not have to be as picky in this step, however, if you would like to use a filter for budget, style, or other options, be sure to select those. Browse until you come across a few wedding videographers you like. Be sure to visit their website, search around their portfolio, and contact them using their contact page.

Searching the Knot, WeddingWire, Thumbtack, Yelp, and Google My Business for a wedding videographer

Step 4: Contacting Tips

You may contact several videographers in order to find the right one for your wedding day. It is recommended that you type an introduction about you both as a couple, where you are getting married, what the date is, and any other specifics or special notes in on a document of some sort. Doing so will help avoid rewriting your introduction every single time you email your desired videographers. Save your write-up somewhere for yourself to copy and paste to each videographer you decide to contact. This will save you a good amount of time. Email and message the selected vendors and ask them for more information on their packages, prices, and their style. Then, compare your options.

Contacting wedding videographer on the Knot, WeddingWire, and Thumbtack

Step 5: Officially Meet and Sign

Once you find a wedding videographer that you meets your wants and needs, be sure to chat with them over the phone, meet over video chat, or meet in person. Your wedding videographer will be spending the entire day with you on your wedding day and will be with you every single step of the day. You will want to make sure that it is someone that you will want to be around on such an important day. If you are happy with the videographer you have picked after doing so, begin to sign their contract. Before signing, be sure to read every section carefully and keep a copy for your records. Then, it will be official and you will have the video of your dreams.

Meet with your wedding or elopement videographer before signing a contract

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