A Falk’n Wild Festival of Love!

It took two whole days after Eliza and Jeremy Falk’s wedding day for the goosebumps on our skin to settle back down and even then reliving this day over and over through our editing journey brought every emotion right back. Every single moment in their wedding sent heart-warming chills and shivers down our spines. It was a wedding full of genuine smiles and caring hearts. Love not only filled the air between this beautiful couple, but it completely surrounded their loved ones from the first moment of their arrival.

Eliza and Jeremy first met at a festival therefore their named their wedding weekend their festival of love. Their festival of love began with a crisp, perfectly foggy morning sky. It was the type of morning you could breathe deeply and feel the cool, healthy air filling your lungs. Birds, dragonflies, vegetables, fruits, and flowers surrounded the fresh farm. The world was completely still and all were present in the moment while cell phones and technology were put on hold for this incredible off-grid weekend.

It was Friday, August 20, 2021 and the day Eliza and Jeremy would rehearse their ceremony. On this day, much more than a ceremony rehearsal took place. Guests arrived and gathered for an early morning yoga session, taco bar lunch, and blessings for the bride and groom. Their festival of love took place in the most magical place called The Oz Farm in Point Arena, California.

Before the ceremony rehearsal began, Eliza was blessed by all the loved ones in her life while Jeremy was blessed by all of his loved ones in his life. Since these events were happening at the same time, we split our team in half in order to capture every single moment of both blessings. Their loved ones gathered around in a circle to express their love, joy, and blessings for the sweet couple. All who were present spoke such thoughtful, kind words about the couple. They sent good vibes and best wishes for Eliza and Jeremy as individuals and together as a union.

Eliza and her closest friends began their morning with a meditative tea ceremony. They set up their area on the deck of the domes with comfy blankets, pillows, and prepared tea to share. They shared a calming, meaningful connection to help ground themselves before this epic wedding day began.

Jeremy and his closest friends shared moments of fencing in front of their cabin, played mancala, and shared many laughs with one another.

Guests arrived and champagne was poured, but not by a bartender. Champagne was poured for each guest under an incredible aerial dancer. Guests were completely impressed, inspired, and looking forward to further magic in the evening!

Throughout the remainder of the evening, you could nearly hear and feel the breath being taken away momentarily from guests around the room. The love the couple shared, the incredible words being spoken about them by their loved ones, and the incredible talent from the musicians and speeches just forced your heart to skip a beat. This wedding weekend was an unforgettable experience and a film that we were honored to create and edit.

After their blessings, all guest’s hands were on deck as flower bouquets and ceremony lighting was put together by all of their guests. It was amazing to see how each and every detail of this wedding was carefully crafted and deeply meaningful.

With the help of some of their talented friends and the Oz farm, the bohemian decor, the food, and delicious desserts were out of this world. All food from this wedding was organic and grown right from their farm. The pork belly, smores banana boats, and Nutella and peaches dessert pizza was also so unforgettable. The rehearsal evening continued with incredible speeches, music, and smiles around the campfire with songs by talented friends.

The wedding day arrived and after a stunning rehearsal day, everyone longed for this wedding celebration. Every single guest and vendor was in complete awe of the love and the beauty that surrounded them.

Special thanks to the incredible musical talent in this highlight film. Check out the music featured by the following artists throughout the highlight film:

Nate Levin 0:00-0:48

Beautiful Chorus, “Faith’s Hymn” 1:04-7:45

Graham Patzner 5:35-5:46

Edward Joseph & Arula Johnson 6:13-6:32

Madhu Anziani 8:00-13:11

Sasha Bayan 8:32-9:01

Chris Hoog/Golden Bell Music 9:34-10:10


Client: Eliza and Jeremy Falk

Location: Oz Farm, Point Arena CA

Photographers: Mat & Ash Photography

Rentals: Bright Rentals

Caterers: Ruthie Praskins, David Yasno, Chris Berger

Makeup Artist: Caysi Jean

Hair Stylist: Edward Joseph

Musicians: Nate Levin, Graham Patzner, Arula & Nick Johnson, Sasha Bayan, Golden Bell Music, Kaeli Renae, Edward Joseph

Officiant: Madhu Anziani

Aerial Dancer: Dwoira

Aerial Rigger: Scott Cameron