Rain or shine, they will love each other forever!

Anne Marie & Michael Priolo’s wedding day was truly memorable and beautiful. It was wonderful to witness two beautiful families that have cared about each other for years prior to this wedding and now they have officially become one. This beautiful couple said, “I do,” in a magical setting called, Spring Hill Estate, in Tomales California. The inside of the barn was truly breathtaking.

The couple did an outstanding job of putting together a successful wedding. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Priolo! You two are perfect for each other. We hope you have the most amazing life together!

The day began up on a hill in a huge house where the beautiful bride, Anne Marie, and her closest loved ones got ready for the day. Anne Marie was glowing with happiness as she looked forward to the moment she would say, “I do” with her best friend, Michael.

The inside of the barn at Spring Hill Estate was vibrant and inviting. The lighting, the gorgeous flowers, and all the stunning decor and details amazed the guests.

The love Anne Marie & Michael have for one another is priceless and irreplaceable. From the moment we met at Starbucks, we knew they were really in love and made for one another. Then, being a part of their entire wedding day in the Marin County with them brought goosebumps to our skin because we felt how unique their love truly was.

We are so happy for Anne Marie & Michael and cannot wait to see what the future brings these two wonderful souls.


Client: Anne Marie & Michael Priolo

Location: Spring Hill Estate | https://www.springhillestate.com/

DJ/Sound Production: Omar Herrera

Photographer: Fiona Brennan | https://www.facebook.com/Fiona-Brennan-Photography-427020380701685/